Danielle Fusco reports on a recent symposium in Western Australia.

Liz Morrison, President of the Printmakers Association of Western Australia, interviews Namibian-born print artist Elmari Steyn about her latest solo exhibition, Tree House. This exhibition has just wrapped up after a four week showing at the Tresillian Arts Centre in Nedlands, Perth, WA.

Shel Sweeney explores the art of mokulito with NSW artist Sam Sosnowski.

James Noonan speaks with Geoffrey Ricardo about his latest survey at Australian Galleries.

Tessa Beale and Bina Butcher discuss their recent exhibition Penumbra II, the second iteration of a collaborative body of work.

David Frazer speaks with James Noonan about his latest exhibition.

Monika Lukowska explores the new exhibition ‘Talking Place: Unfolding Conversations’ at the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery.

Trudi Curtis, director of Hobart’s Colville Gallery, discusses curating the new ‘Works on Paper’ exhibition (10-22 May).

James Noonan interviews artist Heather Hesterman about her new show ‘survey:multiples’ and her recent “edulab” at Shepparton Art Museum (SAM).

Artists Wayne Viney and Stephanie Jane Rampton discuss the show ‘About the Land’ at Australian Galleries, featuring eight contemporary artists whose common approach towards printmaking processes reveals remarkable diversity of expression. Positioning landscape as the central subject in their practice, each artist communicates their individual perspective and unique technical expertise through a shared source of inspiration.