Andrea Przygonski – Portrait of a Killer – Suspect 2, Schisto

$180.00 inc GST

Edition of 33
Image size: 56 x 31 cm
Paper size: 80 x 60 cm
Printed by the artist
PCA Print Commission 2009

The microcosm – a world hidden from view – is a place of beauty, danger, deception and intrigue. To appreciate a broader world than our own, to confront our fears, maybe event to see beauty in unpleasant things, we must be liberated. In life, it’s the little things that count.

Special viewing instructions: This print incorporates a phosphorescent pigment that is charged by sunlight, black light (UV), or artificial light. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes for effective charging. The work has two states and is to be viewed in both daylight and the dark for full effect.