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Andrew Antoniou – Shadow Play

$330.00 inc GST
Etching and aquatint
Edition of
Image size: 30 x 39 cm
Paper size: 56 x 76 cm
PCA Print Commission 2013

Shadow Play began life as a piece of theatre. I stand somewhere between being its director, screenwriter, set designer and stage manager but the plot remains a mystery. Characters were drawn individually, redrawn, cut out, assembled as a collage and drawn from the collage onto the plate. Creating an etching from the drawings lends the image a magic that no other medium can.

Annika Romeyn – Inner Gorge

$300.00 inc GST
Edition of 47
Plate size: 28 x 15.5 cm
Paper size: 38 x 26 cm
PCA Print Commission 2013

In 2012 I spent nine days exploring the depths of the Grand Canyon, USA. The mighty Colorado River cut my path between the majestic, seemingly insurmountable canyon walls that constantly framed my field of vision and, for a time, defined my world. I was fascinated by the scale and intricacy of these walls as well as the elemental power and dynamism visible in their form.

Ben Rak – Sole Surfer (If my clod be washed to sea]

$220.00 inc GST
Acrylic screenprint
Edition of 33
Image size: 38 x 39 cm
Paper size: 38 x 39 cm
PCA Print Commission 2011

This print is about the role surfing as a sub-culture plays in my life. I consider my connection to this culture to be a significant part of my identity. In recent years surf culture has been commodified by the popularity of the ‘surfing style’ of the clothing industry. This has blurred the line between those who belong to the sub-culture through shared experiences and those who only wear the style.

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Ben Reid – for love or money

$300.00 inc GST
Intaglio and relief
Edition of 30
Image size: 50 x 70 cm
Paper size: 50 x 70 cm
PCA Print Commission 2013

I am interested in the fragile relationship that New Zealanders have with the natural environment and its ecosystems. New Zealand’s native species spent millions of years evolving in isolation. Free from any predators, their evolution disregarded any ability to defend themselves by fight or flight. Sadly, they became easy prey for exotic predators that overran New Zealand’s forests in the 19th century.

Bill Moseley – Angry Penguins

$300.00 inc GST
Copperplate photogravure on BFK
Edition of 50
Image size: 16.5 x 16.5 cm
Paper size: 38 x 28 cm
PCA Print Commission 2012

The image suggests a retelling of the story of Goldilocks and the bears. In a collision of realities, a bather’s solitude in a period bathroom is invaded by screeching penguins.
Stability is fugitive, insecurity is a fact.

Bridget Hillebrand – I remember when

$300.00 inc GST
Linocut, hand stitching and hand written text, Kozo paper chine colle
Edition of 30
Image size: 20 x 46 cm
Paper size: 57 x 64 cm
PCA Print Commission 2011

Approximately 80 years ago 500 pine trees were planted at the foot of Mt Arapiles in Western Victoria. Today 81 remain standing in the camping ground affectionately known as ‘the pines’. Drought and trampled roots from thousands of campers have ensured their slow and inevitable death. All too soon the memories we have of the shade and community they provided will only remain in stories which begin: I remember when…

Catherine Macdonald – Own Sweet Time

$330.00 inc GST
Edition of 40
Image size: 29.5 x 25 cm
Paper size: 29.5 x 25 cm
PCA Print Commission 2014

I have been exploring the notion of the anonymous portrait, working from photos taken in the street of strangers. I combine these images with narratives. Own Sweet Time contemplates what you can be seen to take with you, even if you take nothing.

Christine Lawry – A Tired Man

$300.00 inc GST
Hand-coloured linocut
Edition of 30
Image size: 20.5 x 14.5 cm
Paper size: 38.5 x 28 cm
PCA Print Commission 2013

This print is one of a series based on the small events of urban life. There is an attempt to evoke the sense of a story that could be told by the viewer about the subject. The image could come from any world city – part of our shared human experience. Noel Counihan and Kathe Kollwitz have been influences.

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Cleo Wilkinson – Inception IV

$330.00 inc GST
Edition of 30
Image size: 7.5 x 10 cm
Paper size: 28 x 19 cm
Print Commission 2014

The mezzotint print achieves tonality by roughening the plate with a ‘rocker’. Using this technique a high level of tonal richness can be achieved. I try to emphasise the singularity and silence of a form. What is missing in the shadows, and suggested, provides the greatest potential for me.

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David Fairbairn – Auto Portrait No. 19

$440.00 inc GST
Copper etching on BFK
Edition of 30
Image size: 34 x 26 cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm
PCA Print Commission 2012

Although this work is a self-portrait the decision to work directly with a model is fundamental to my practice. The time spent with a sitter, the day to day stopping and starting of work, and subtle daily differences in both subject and artist, all contribute to the interpretations of the work. My practice draws upon past artistic traditions, including the work of Francis Bacon, Leon Kossoff and Lucien Freud.

Deanna Hitti – The Green Line

$300.00 inc GST
Photoplate on Somerset
Edition of 30
Image size: 43 x 76 cm
Paper size: 43 x 76 cm
PCA Print Commission 2012

The Green Line is part of a series of works referencing the Australian $100 note, overlaid with subtle and harmonious Arabic typography. The work provides a platform to discuss the long history of unrealistic representations of Middle Eastern customs and beliefs we have come to learn through art, literature, film, television and advertising.

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Glen Mackie (Kei Kalak) – Augud

$300.00 inc GST
Edition of 20
Image size: 50 x 33 cm
Paper size: 76.5 x 53.5 cm
Printed by Editions Tremblay NFP, Cairns
PCA Print Commission 2011

My mother is from the Wegedagam tribe. ‘Augud’ means totem. Her totem is crocodile (koedel). This is also my totem. Dugong (dangal) spirit is in the shape of a woman – we swim together.

Helen Clarke – Blue Collection

$330.00 inc GST
Etching, aquatint and watercolour
Edition of 36
Image size: 20.5 x 5 cm
Paper size: 41 x 75 cm
PCA Print Commission 2013

I feel that objects have intrinsic characteristics that seem to be imbued by the giver, the owner or where the pieces originate. Fragments of discarded objects are especially interesting because they have a sense of mystery about them. My collection of blue and white pieces celebrates the universal activity of collecting and displaying objects.

Ilme Simmul – Vogues

$330.00 inc GST
Edition of 55
Image size: 62 x 42.5 cm
Paper size: 77 x 50 cm
PCA Print Commission 1991

Ilme Simmul’s prints are predominantly allegorical, the object determining the narrative, the focus being her observation of urban life. Her expressionist oeuvre selects objects that surround her everyday existence, rendering them as details of human nature, more often a portrait of the materialistic hypocrisy seen within our society.
As is seen in the print Vogues, Simmul accentuates the pathos of the modern world by using the image of the nightclub or cafe society, not dissimilar to Georg Grosz’s post-war German social satire. Materialistic hedonism is juxtaposed against the image of the corpse of an innocent animal, a metaphor for the universal victims of cruelty and injustice and a reference to the broader malaise that appears within our social parameters.

Jacqueline Aust – Out of the Blue

$330.00 inc GST
Photogravure and relief print
Edition of 30
Image size: 28.5 x 40cm
Paper size: 41 x 51 cm
PCA Print Commission 2014

Bird skeletons are often bleached by the elements, becoming fragile objects outlasting their useful function. Bones speak to us. We respond to them viscerally, as subjects or objects, meanings or matter. This gannet skull has an uneasy ambivalence as a symbol fluttering between life and death, serving to warn against behaviours that reduce our bird species to such remains.