Sybille Schlumbom – Light Shifting

$350.00 inc GST

Light Shifting
Mokuhanga (baren printed water-based woodblock print) using watercolour, mica, gum arabic
Edition size: 30
Image size: 56 x 38 cm
Paper size: 56 x 38 cm

My art explores belonging and dislocation. In the last two years ‘isolation’ and ‘separation’ have joined the key words. The process can result in a very narrative print or follow certain materials that spark an association leading to evocative, abstract pieces.

Currently I am exploring ‘light’ as the subject in my prints, playing with white ink, white paper, hints of colour and mica. The real-life inspiration came from a period of isolation

in a sparsely furnished, white painted room, where I spent long hours watching sunlight move along the walls. This raised my interest in pieces that come alive with light, works that shift and change with the position of the viewer and the movement of the light source. This means that any reproduction is unsatisfactory; it can only show a flat view on one aspect of the work. This makes it a very corporeal work, alive in paper, hibernating only in a digital representation.