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AHC McDonald – Singing Magpie, Swooping Season

$300.00 inc GST
Unique state composition relief print
Unique state prints in a series of 30
Image size: 67 x 32 cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm

Singing Magpie, Swooping Season is about how in Australia, beauty is always accompanied by danger. Every year magpies for a brief period turn dangerous and even deadly, and our gardens become, for just a few weeks places where we watch the skies in apprehension.

Anita Laurence – Mullinmur Billabong

$350.00 inc GST
Mullinmur Billabong
Edition size: 30
Image size: 42 x 56 cm
Paper Size: 56 x 76 cm

Mullinmur Billabong is inspired by my solitary walks along the Torryong River (Ovens) in Wangaratta during Covid 19 lockdown and the discovery of this regenerated wetland that sits hidden so close to suburbia. The ancient red gums reflected in the water providing solace and a sense of hope.

Carlos Almenar Díaz – Chromatic Linear Rhythm Series 1-9

$350.00 inc GST
Chromatic Linear Rhythm Series 1-9
Ultrachrome archival pigment print
Edition size: 40
Image size: 26.5 cm x 17 cm
Paper Size: 30 cm x 20 cm

This artwork is part of a series of chromatic linear rhythms based on the investigation between color and the visual perception of rhythm. As a result, every color that appears static is converted into chromatic movements. This visual synergy leads us to a peculiar perception of colour that transports us from the reality of the work to an alternative space, both emotional and imaginary.

Christine Johnson – Saltbush

$350.00 inc GST
Solar-plate engraving and archival pigment print. Images created from drawings by the artist
Edition size: 30
Image size: 34 x 27 cm
Paper size: 54 x 41 cm

Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia Lindl.) is a resilient survivor and defining feature of the semi-arid desert regions of Australia including the Mallee and areas affected by irrigation salinity near the Murray River. This image is part of a series that investigates the botanical legacy of Mallee botanist, Eileen Ramsay, whose pioneering work documented the plants of the region, the traditional lands of the Latji Latji, Ngintait, Nyeri Nyeri and Wergaia peoples.

Daniel O’Shane – Mar Narek (Magical Transformation)

$350.00 inc GST
Relief (vinylcut) print, with handwiping printed indigo
Edition of 40
Image size: 68 x 50cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm
PCA Print Commission 2020. Printed by Theo Tremblay.

This print is an extension of a traditional story which tells the creation of the crayfish (Keiyar). A young Meuram man, Keiyari, convinces a widowed Saisarem mother, Tekai, to allow her two reluctant daughters to assist him on his travels back to his village where they are introduced as his brides. The sisters soon attempt to flee with Keiyari in close pursuit. Eventually a battle transpires, and they are overcome by a reshaping metamorphosis.

Gwen Scott – Beautiful Entanglement

$350.00 inc GST
Beautiful Entanglement
Reduction linocut
Edition size: 30
Image size: 30 x 30 cm
Paper Size: 42.5 x 38 cm

Beautiful entanglement is the latest print in my ongoing series of prints relating to cocooning. This imagined scene is a combination of my interest in vintage fabrics, the female form, human/animal relationships and the human need to find refuge to reflect and connect with nature. The print was created from one linoleum block and ten individual colours were used.


Joanna Kambourian – The Rug Merchants’ Daughters

$300.00 inc GST
Archival digital print, with screenprinted elements in black and gloss varnish
Edition of 30
Image size: 47.6 x 33cm
Paper size: 48.6 x 33cm

This print is a part of a recent series that incorporates both analog and digital print processes. The work utilises my family’s archival photography, found vintage elements, and personal symbology based on my Armenian cultural heritage to reflect on shared experiences of displacement, migration, and transcultural identity.

Laura Castell – The Pleasure of Making

$350.00 inc GST
The Pleasure of Making
Multiple block woodcut
Edition size: 30
Image size: 55 x 39 cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm

This time of uncertainty and change in the world and in our everyday lives has highlighted for me the infinite and intimate pleasure of making. As one example, I chose the figure of the ceramicist working in its studio.

Mark Graver – Rangihoua

$350.00 inc GST
Pigment print
Edition size: 35
Image size: 48 x 67 cm
Paper size: 56 x 76 cm

Rangihoua, in the northern Bay of Islands is highly significant as the site of early, prolonged contact between Maori and Pakeha.  It is the location of one of the earliest trading posts, the earliest mission station, and the first formal transfer of Maori land in New Zealand, as well as the earliest recorded church service and the earliest European school. The Europeans arrived in December 1814.  The mission closed in the 1850’s by which time very little land was left in Maori possession.  The arrival of the Europeans at Rangihoua was the start of a process which would eventually transform the country. This work began by re-visiting photographs and drawings made at a particular time and place.  Photographic, hand-made and digital images, captured, drawn or found.  Time fixed, recorded and stilled.  Rangihoua is made with layered photographs and a scanned soft ground etching made from objects gathered at the site.

Rainer Doecke – There’s nothing we can do about that now

$350.00 inc GST
There’s nothing we can do about that now
Reduction woodcut
Edition size: 40
Image size: 58 x 40 cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm

My practice revolves around the tension between humans and the natural world. This print was created with mind to our rapidly degenerating environment, and the transformations we force onto our world that result in seemingly irreparable states. The abrasion/reduction woodcut technique reveals the natural resistance of the material, and the index of each layer removed is recorded within the print.


Rhi Johnson – The Second Window

$300.00 inc GST
Reduction Linocut
Edition of 30
Image size : 28.5 x 40.5cm
Paper size: 35.5 x 48cm

The Second Window is representative of an existing space, but is modified by memory and individual interpretation. The space connects to personal experiences of déjà vu – a sense of knowing that is simultaneously withheld from conscious recognition. As such, the work addresses a disruption to conscious, everyday narrative… a momentary subversion of immediate sensory comprehension.

Silvi Glattauer – Renegotiating Campo Piedra Pomez

$500.00 inc GST
Photogravure with a la poupée colour
Edition of 30
Image size: 35 x 58 cm
Paper size: 57x 76 cm

This print is from the series, ‘Renegotiating the Landscape’ which deals with the issue of human intervention in the landscape across remote regions of the world. There are very few natural places left on earth that have not been imposed on by humankind. You are invited to detach from the beauty of the grand vista and feel the disorientation these landscapes represent. Our interference in the course of nature’s flow, is questioned.

*Final impression available*