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AHC McDonald – Singing Magpie, Swooping Season

$300.00 inc GST
Unique state composition relief print
Unique state prints in a series of 30
Image size: 67 x 32 cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm

Singing Magpie, Swooping Season is about how in Australia, beauty is always accompanied by danger. Every year magpies for a brief period turn dangerous and even deadly, and our gardens become, for just a few weeks places where we watch the skies in apprehension.

Akka Ballenger Constantin – The Efalon

$75.00 inc GST
Akka Ballenger Constantin
The Efalon
Monoprint, mixed media and collage
unique state accordian book
Size: closed – 27 x 7.5 x 3 cm

What is an Efalon?

Where does it live and does it have any friends? Most importantly, what does it look like?

This unique book illustrates a children song composed by Harvey Ellis Welsh. The Efalon does indeed have many friends – this is the first in a series of animal songbook for children of all ages.

Alex Hotchin – Inside the Medina

$250.00 inc GST
Alex Hotchin
Inside the Medina, 2018
Etchings and Original Drawings
Edition 2 of 5
Size: 15 (h) x 140 (w) x 2 (d) cm

In early 2017 I spend six weeks living in the Medina of Sefrou in Morocco.  This is the story of that Medina and about some of the characters that call this place home.

Alexis Beckett – The Loneliness of the Ocean

$800.00 inc GST
Alexis Beckett
The Loneliness of the Ocean
Rag paper, graphite, coloured pencils, oil crayon, artline markers & blind embossing
Unique state
Size (when laid out): 176 x 25cm

‘The Loneliness of the Ocean’ is a concertina book referring to the changes now occurring in the sponge gardens of the ocean.

Andrea Num Glover – Energy Fields

$700.00 inc GST
Andrea Num Glover
Energy Fields, 2021
Magnani Pescia 100% cotton paper, 300gm, with five digitally printed images and one text page, red silk thread,
Edition of 5
Size: 26 (h), 27 (w), 2 (d) cm

Energy Fields alludes to the ever-changing plasticity of our planet in relation to the cosmos. From a molten core to a play-dough surface, and way beyond! Energy Fields hangs by a red silk thread vertically, symbolizing a human connection. The format for Energy Fields purposely places the images horizontally. Overlaid with an Indian wire toy, the horizontal image is turned, making a down, up, down, up, up sequence. This visually traces the vertical hanging format and also, mimics the imperceivable air movement in an unpressurised vehicle. This gives rise to the idea of simultaneously viewing earth and space.

Angela Callaghan - Reduction Out Of Stock

Angela Callaghan – Reduction

$250.00 inc GST
Angela Callaghan
Timber, oil paint, leather, water-based printing ink, Hosho paper.
Size: 95 (h) x 14 (w) x 3 (d) cm

My book Reduction is a light-hearted exploration of the dual meaning of the term in both printmaking and van life. The images were printed using reduction wood-block techniques, with one block per page. The subject matter is a personal selection of some of the things which might be deemed essential when reducing one’s life in order to travel and live in a vehicle. From food and entertainment to family photographs, room must be found to fit it all in and the accordion pages tucked inside the cheerful wooden cover with handy map end papers reflect this economy of space.

Angela Cowan – Remembering the solitude

$550.00 inc GST
Angela Cowan
Remembering the solitude
Image transfers off original drawings/lithographs onto various coloured papers and tracing paper, waxed linen thread
Unique state
Size: 16 (H) x 22 (W) x 2cm (D)

Layering memories, emotions, and a profound sense of place, this book is a visual expression of the quiet stillness and sense of isolation and solitude that I experienced as I wandered the paths of my local botanical gardens and cemetery during long months of self isolation in 2020.


Anita Laurence – Mullinmur Billabong

$350.00 inc GST
Mullinmur Billabong
Edition size: 30
Image size: 42 x 56 cm
Paper Size: 56 x 76 cm

Mullinmur Billabong is inspired by my solitary walks along the Torryong River (Ovens) in Wangaratta during Covid 19 lockdown and the discovery of this regenerated wetland that sits hidden so close to suburbia. The ancient red gums reflected in the water providing solace and a sense of hope.

Anna Langdon – Birds

$750.00 inc GST
Anne Langdon


Linocut, silkscreen, collage, ink

Size: 21.5 (H) x 15 (W) x 150 (L) cm 

Birds is an expression of my time in lockdown. I went for many walks during those times and always was greeted by the sound and sight of many birds weaving their way through the bush and rail trail walks I embarked on each day.  I wanted to create a book that documented this time but also celebrated the support we might find around us! Each page of the book was a challenge for me as I tried to create the feelings in each composition that portrayed those walks.

Barbara Davidson – Two Sydney Icons

$980.00 inc GST
Barbara Davidson


Two Sydney Icons

Two Plate Etching

Edition of 4

Size: 13 (h) x 15 (w) x 1.5 (d) cm

A large part of my work is based on my surroundings. The subject matter of this book is a walk around Circular Quay, thus the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The prints are two plate etchings using zinc.

Belinda Kopietz – Passionfruit and Thyme

$300.00 inc GST
Belinda Kopietz
Passionfruit and Thyme, 2020
Pamphlet stitch / two signatures / monotype, linocut / stencil / collage / various papers including Somerset, Iwaki, Tengucho, Mingeshi, Tyvek and Glacine
Unique state
Size: 19 (h) x 16.5 (w) x 2.5 (d) cm

Titled on the spine, a noxious weed and an essential culinary herb, this wordless book contains visual thoughts from the natural environment. The playful process of monotype pre-empted combinations of hand cut stencils, linocuts and ghost printing. The intention was to experiment, as if putting on new glasses to view with a fresh and more sensitive perspective. It explores physical adjacencies, contrast, positive and negative, hard and soft edge, rhythm and abrupt alteration, simplicity and complexity. The quality of paper-types and ink, of fold-outs and transparencies, are attempts at providing different experiences as each page is visited.

Bridget Hillebrand – Ascent II

$1,900.00 inc GST
Bridget Hillebrand
Ascent II, 2020
Solvent transfer, stamps, graphite and hand stitching on rag paper
Unique state
Size: closed – 27cm x 27cm x 3cm

As a rock climber my experience and perception of place is informed by cultural, kinaesthetic and corporeal knowledge. Rock climbers attribute qualities to a landscape, commemorate first ascents and document associated stories in written and pictorial representations. In this way climbers create their own community and connection with place.

My artist book ‘Ascent II’ includes printed images from my personal exploration of climbing mountains in Australia and abroad. The book format reflects on how climbers read landscapes, how we interpret their forms in the light of our own experience and memory, and that of our shared cultural community.

Carlos Almenar Díaz – Chromatic Linear Rhythm Series 1-9

$350.00 inc GST
Chromatic Linear Rhythm Series 1-9
Ultrachrome archival pigment print
Edition size: 40
Image size: 26.5 cm x 17 cm
Paper Size: 30 cm x 20 cm

This artwork is part of a series of chromatic linear rhythms based on the investigation between color and the visual perception of rhythm. As a result, every color that appears static is converted into chromatic movements. This visual synergy leads us to a peculiar perception of colour that transports us from the reality of the work to an alternative space, both emotional and imaginary.

Carolyn Canty – Book as Vessel

$250.00 inc GST
Carolyn Canty
Book as Vessel
Relief Print
Unique state
Size: 16 (h) x 14.5 (w) x 2.5 (d) cm

Long before I knew what printmaking was all about, I touched clay. Much fun in my studio and among claymates and many conferences later, I was equally enthralled by all the possibilities of mark making on a different surface. It became my ‘menage-à-trois’ after I acquired some printmaking and bookmaking skills. I hope that you can feel this joy as the pages pop open.

Carolyn Pettigrew- The Ancient City of Palmyra, Syria

$500.00 inc GST
Carolyn Pettigrew
The Ancient City of Palmyra, Syr
Medium: A portfolio of 7 handmade Van Dyke Brown prints and small booklet
Unique state
Size 22cm x 29cm x 1cm

In 2007 I visited the ancient city of Palmyra and like many travellers I was overwhelmed by the extent of the site and entranced by the magnificence of the empire it once represented, especially the history of Palmyrene “Queen” Zenobia. Later I looked further into the history of the city, and I was struck by what an important part European investigations over time had played in influencing architectural thought and practice, particularly in 18th century England. In 2016-17 significant parts of the city were destroyed by ISIS. Fortunately, Syrian Government agencies and others are attempting to reconstruct some of the important structures with the aid of modern computer techniques as a guide.