Lana De Jager …and just like that, they had escaped the Patriarchy

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Lana De Jager
… and just like that, they had escaped the Patriarchy
Solar plate etching and polyester plate lithography
Edition size: 33
Image size: 22 x 39.5 cm
Paper size: 36 x 50 cm

There is a slim possibility the fourth wave of feminism may set many people (of diverse gender identities) free from the age-old social, political or economic mechanisms, which have controlled their bodies and minds. From Iran to the USA (everywhere!) the oppressed burn for freedom from violence & domestication and yearn for the relief equality will bring. I hope the next generation of courageous humans will experience it as happening overnight (poof!), because for the generations before them, it has proven to be a titanic and often hazardous enterprise. I’ve expressed all these centuries of yearning by picturing my sisters flying off the matrimonial bed and right away from the old town and the old church.
The End (please).


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