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Senye Shen – Endless Flow IV

$350.00 inc GST
2-plate etching on Somerset
Edition of 30
Image size: 38 x 38 cm
Paper size: 38 x 38 cm
PCA Print Commission 2012

My work is related to the impermanence of life, the continuous event that is folding, unfolding and refolding. It reveals the unseen force travelling in space and time, the folds of wind, air and light, but also the folds of thought bursting forth. It engages not only the literal aspect of space and time, but also the aesthetic and perceptual.

Senye Shen – Trace IV

$330.00 inc GST
Two-block woodcut
Paper size: 36 x 38 cm
Image size: 36 x 38 cm
PCA Print Commission 2016

My work explores the invisible forces and energies in nature through space. Trace IV presents a glimpse of reverberation in our surroundings through visual sensation of movement to raise consciousness of the ever-changing world, and to pause and reflect on the nature of existence.