‘Inter-print-ations’ is a group exhibition showcasing Sarsha Demirci, Rubyanna Edwards, Jana Papantoniou, Kat Rae, Drey Willows and Lala Zarei.

Ally McKay responds to the new exhibition ‘expand, contract, expand again’ by artist-run initiative More Than Reproduction.

Anthea Boesenberg and Therese Kenyon explore the interplay between atmospherics, connectivity and the sensory.

Curator Dr Benjamin Thomas celebrates key developments in the work of David Frazer, now showing at Trinity College in Melbourne.

Helen Brancatisano invites viewers to discover their own stories in her evocative works, on exhibit this weekend in Balmain.

Melissa Proposch explores the close-but-unknown elements of family.

Nicholas Chilvers explores concepts of human experiences in nature for the new group exhibition Biophilia at the PCA Gallery.

Peter Ward inhabits some magical thinking with his new exhibition.

Emiko Artemis explores the nature of haunting in her hew exhibition.

Billy Nye and the Peninsula Makers take a fascinating tour of Frankston.