PCA Gallery

Ally McKay responds to the new exhibition ‘expand, contract, expand again’ by artist-run initiative More Than Reproduction.

Anthea Boesenberg and Therese Kenyon explore the interplay between atmospherics, connectivity and the sensory.

Nicholas Chilvers explores concepts of human experiences in nature for the new group exhibition Biophilia at the PCA Gallery.

In his new exhibition at the PCA Gallery, Jonas Ropponen’s latest works are graced with the presence of sorcerer/alter ego, Smoron.

Questions about human qualities and creativity are raised in a new exhibition at the PCA Gallery by Western Australian artists Sarah Robinson and Monika Lukowska.

In her new exhibition at the PCA Gallery, Christine Johnson’s latest works include those that celebrate pioneering botanist Eileen Ramsay, a woman whose fascination with plants has taken the artist on a decade-long journey. By Kate Gorringe-Smith.

Katie Alleva traces the threads of family history and reverberating trauma in her new exhibition.

The latest exhibition at the PCA Gallery positions print at the centre of idea-making, writes Dr Clare Humphries.

Dr Clare Humphries discusses the latest exhibition at the PCA Gallery.

An exciting opportunity has arisen at the PCA for the role of Director.