Prue MacDougall – Juno

$330.00 inc GST

Etching and screenprint
Edition of 30
Image size: 40.5 x 28,5 cm
Paper size: 69 x 49 cm
PCA Print Commission 2015

Juno portrays mythic hybrid creatures – part human, part bird – similar to the inter-species characters in my earlier Chimera series. Juno is a guardian and stands bravely in an oval wreath of branches: a human woman with the head of a peacock, which is her symbolic bird.
This oval form derives from shadows cast by a three dimensional coronet, which I created by attaching fragments of my printed images to a wire base. Theatrical lighting, shone through the top of the coronet, created ambiguous silhouettes that I drew over and then enhanced with additional printed collage elements.