Gwenn Tasker – Material Echo

$330.00 inc GST

Image size: 30 x 40 cm
Paper size: 56 x 76 cm
PCA Print Commission 2017

I am interested in exploring the role of culture in affecting how humans interact with, and relate to, the non-human world. In previous series I have considered the commodification of nature in Western culture. In this work I am interested in exploring the way culture affects how landscape is perceived and understood. Some features of the landscape, such as power lines, are so ubiquitous that they virtually disappear.
The origin of the materials used in construction become remote. In this image, the structure of a railway bridge reflects and echoes the form of the trees from which it is built, and is carried through again into the power lines. Humans, for the moment at least, remain inextricably intertwined with nature.