Clyde McGill – Walking the Borderlands, NYC

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Clyde McGill
Walking the Borderlands, NYC
Drypoint prints, photographs, drawings, text, digitally printed on paper, bound as hard board, cloth in codex form.
Artist Proof
Size: 30.5 x 21.5 x 3.5cm, 465 pp

My main project here is national borders, lines on maps and in the sand, however, borders have also diversified into porous entities, cultural events, and conversely, sometimes weapons of rebuke. Borders have become broader, deeper, more inclusive borderlands. In view of this I wondered if New York, with its diversity and history, may be some iteration of a contemporary borderland.I lived in New York for a year and walked Manhattan, particularly Broadway, drawing, photographing, doing street performances. I worked on and off with the drawings and photos over the following ten years. It was a work in progress and a book in waiting. In 2019, I exhibited at the Centre for Book Arts, NYC. While there I revisited parts of this project, more photos, made the dry points on my return to Fremantle and, finally, there was this book completed.

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