Peter Ward: Noshyacking

Peter Ward: Noshyacking

Peter Ward inhabits some magical thinking with his new exhibition.

13 March, 2024
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Peter Ward, Caravan of Despair, 2021, concertina book linocuts, 20 x 170 cm, open edition of 3


Peter Ward, Caravan of Despair, 2023, hand-coloured linocut, edition of 2

Peter Ward, Corio Idyll #3, monotype, 25 x 56 cm unique state

Peter Ward, Crow/Skull #1, 2023, hand-coloured linocut, unique state

Peter Ward, Industrial Idyll, 2023, concertina book monotypes, 25 x 170 cm, open unique state

All images © and courtesy of the artists

The initial concept for Noshyacking was to showcase my recent artists’ books and support these with related linocuts, woven linocuts and mono prints. Various lino blocks used in the creation of the books were selected for their ability to stand alone as prints and by playing with additional colour blocks, hand colouring, ghost printing and weaving I have produced a series of unique state artworks to compliment the books. I chose to make working towards the exhibition an opportunity to experiment and push my images a bit further.

The selection process for the exhibition was straight forward. The better works from the period of experimenting and re-interpretation chose themselves.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view a selection of my recent concertina artists’ books complimented by unique state prints that refer to and expand on images from the books. Concertina books lends themselves to the creation of a series of images that can be read as a visual narrative. Within the books I explore themes of magical thinking, industrial landscape and environmental degradation. By moving backwards and forwards between the key images on the walls and the books the visitor will have the chance to re-evaluate initial responses and approach the images with new perspectives.

Caravan Of Despair was conceived and created during the pandemic lockdown. It was originally a coptic bound book in an edition of 8 and a concertina book in an edition of 3. All but one have been acquired by various Australian and international institutions. It deals with the existential threat of global warming. I’ve added some apocalyptic color to enhance the accompanying linocut of the same name and there’s a hint of the folly of Easter Island in Crow / Skull #1.

Industrial Idyll is comprised of monotypes and is loosely drawn from sketches made of Geelong’s industrial landscape. I chose mono type in this instance to teach myself the medium and the results display some of the spontaneity I was aiming (and hoping ) for. The work hints at the tension between a Boy’s Own fascination with big industry and the knowledge of the degradation it causes.

Divining The Entrails is about magical thinking and how we often resort to conspiracy and superstition in times of existential crisis. As with Caravan of Despair 5 of the edition of 7 reside in collections in Australia and the USA.

Both monotype and linocut are deceptively simple techniques but the aesthetic possibilities are endless and this exhibition showcases that. While printmaking by its nature is a very considered process I aim for images with a loose and spontaneous feel.

Noshyacking, an exhibition of artist books, hand-coloured linocuts, woven linocuts and monotypes, is at SHAC Gallery, 91 Hoddle Street, Robertson, NSW, 14 March-14 April, Thurs-Sun 10am-4pm. Exhibition opening: Saturday March 16 at 4pm

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