Swinfield, Linda



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In 1983 I enrolled in a Bachelor of Visual Arts at City Art Institute (University of NSW) where I majored in Drawing and Lithography. It is there that a passion for printmaking began. During my Masters project at The University of Newcastle, I traveled to Melbourne to develop my Lithography skills with a week-long workshop with Peter Lancaster at Lancaster Press. This is where all the skills of my youth began to merge.



Linda Swinfield “tells stories’ within her printmaking process through research incorporating family/ history, place, and memory. Her pathway through art making dictates the materials chosen then story adopts the surface to receive the print and print process itself. Swinfield’s art practice is manifold and currently shifting through narrative incorporating analog photography, drawing and painting into the layers of her print process. She will often use industrial processes to cut up and complete the work. Contemporary printmaking is the spine of her art making processes; constructing layers using photo based media in print, incorporating painting, drawing and digital media. Most recently extending printmaking processes by developing suites of objects as installation. These are constructed utilizing sometimes found and recycled objects, contemporary processes of laser cutting and digital media. Swinfield’s specialist skills exist within traditional photo based processes: Photo Lithography and Silkscreen. She also uses direct drawing and painterly approaches in print as well.