A new exhibition in Port Fairy is focussed on the outcomes of multi-day workshops in the region.

1 March, 2024
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Participants of Basil Hall’s Printmaking workshop at GrampianArts Summer Brushes, Longerenong Agricultural College, January 2024. From left to right, Tiana Ballagh, Mandy Dunn, Peta Adamson, Mercedes Wolfendon, Susan Clarke, Jenny Bourne, Linda Baker, Francesca McNamara, Margaret Meadows, Jill Edwards, Britt Gow, Kate McCracken-Bell and tutor, Basil Hall.


Britt Gow (background etched lino print in grey) and Jenny Bourne (two-plate woodcut) Voices of Gariwerd 2023 (one of six) 26 x 36 cm

Anna Madyarova, Hanging Rock, 2023 Collograph 26 x 36cm

Collaborative print created by GrampianArts SummerBrushes Basil Hall’s workshop participants Impressed at Summer Brushes 2024 (first edition) 210 x 30 cm Courtesy of Adelle Rohrsheim

Basil Hall, Britt Gow and Kate McCracken-Bell laying out the individual collograph plates that formed the 2.1m long collaborative landscape print at Summer Brushes, Longerenong Agricultural College, Horsham, January 2024.

All images © and courtesy of the artists

Q: What were some of the foundation ideas for this exhibition project?

A:. In 2007, following devastating bushfires in the Grampians, Regional Arts Victoria facilitated art workshops to bring diverse groups of people together to reflect on their experiences and begin the healing process. As an offshoot of these local workshops the concept of having multi day workshops in the Grampians/Halls Gap to bring visitors back to the Grampians was developed and in 2008 the first Grampians Texture was held with 11 tutors teaching over 6 days in textiles and painting. From this small beginning, the concept has grown into the not for profit organisation GrampianArts, that now facilitates three major events each year, Grampians Textures, Grampians Brushes and Summer Brushes (in Longerenong, near Horsham).

An enthusiastic group of printmakers have been attending GrampianArts workshops over several years, extending their skills under the supervision of tutors such as Basil Hall and Gary Shinfield. Some of these participating printmakers live in rural and regional areas, isolated from dedicated printmaking studios and exhibition centres, so they are especially grateful and excited to learn from experts, discuss sourcing materials and equipment and share their ideas. Shared interests were the basis for friendships that extended beyond the workshops and connected printmakers across borders and between city, town and country members.

In January this year at the Summer Brushes program, Basil Hall facilitated an exciting collaborative project to create a 2.1 metre long collagraph print, consisting of twelve individual plates. Each artist worked with the artists on either side to create a cohesive image that reflected individual expressions of the landscape realised in the collagraph technique. A temporary longer print bed and blanket was used and with much teamwork, the print was created. The stunning image drew admiration from attendees of other workshops and became a highlight of the final Summer Brushes show.

There are usually very limited opportunities to showcase artwork in rural and regional areas. When several members of South West Makers Association saw an opportunity to invite GrampianArts printmakers to exhibit at the newly established Glyph Gallery and Creative Space in Port Fairy, workshop participants were eager to be involved, with the collaborative print being an ‘impressive’ feature of the show.

Q: How did the artwork selection take place?

A: Participants of GrampianArts printmaking workshops since January 2023 were invited to submit up to five prints created during the workshops or using the techniques demonstrated during those workshops. At least twenty participants took up the opportunity to send prints, as well as tutor, Gary Shinfield, who submitted two works .As such, there is a diverse range of styles, subject matter and level of experience on display.

Q: How does the exhibition manifest – what do visitors experience?

A: Visitors are able to view framed and unframed relief and intaglio prints, demonstrating specific printmaking techniques, including caustic-etched linoleum, woodcut, chine-collé and collagraph.

Q: What are some of the key works and what subject matter do they deal with?

A: Rural Life and Landscapes

Q: What is it about the printmaking experience that you most appreciate?

A: This exhibition is a real celebration of a community of creative individuals brought together by a desire to explore printmaking, learn new skills and share their ideas. GrampianArts provided a fabulous opportunity for isolated artists to learn together, share and build networks of interest.
The extended collaborative print demonstrates how a group of diverse and unrelated artists can work as a team to conceive and create a beautifully unique image.

One of the participating artists, Britt Gow, commented “Printmaking is the coming together of three processes – firstly, conceiving and drawing the image design, secondly, creating the plate and thirdly, printing the plate. There are so many variables to each of these processes, that it becomes quite a scientific problem-solving exercise to improve at each step. Because of these challenges, it becomes very advantageous to discuss your work and collaborate with other printmakers, who may have had similar problems and can share what solutions they arrived at. I really enjoy working with other printmakers to see different approaches and solutions and GrampianArts provides a wonderful way to do that.”

Generously supported by GrampianArts, the exhibition is an exciting occasion for emerging and experienced printmakers to showcase their work and provides opportunities for print purchases.

IMPRESSED – an exhibition of prints from GrampianArts workshops is at Glyph Gallery and Creative Space, 38 Bank Street, Port Fairy, 5 March-1 April, open 10am to 4pm daily. Opening reception 6 March, 6pm. The exhibition is based on focuses on the relief and intaglio processes demonstrated by Basil Hall (collagraphy, and intaglio printing) and Gary Shinfield (relief printing processes, monotype, caustic-etched lino and woodcut). Exhibiting artists: Peta Adamson, Marian Anderson, Linda Baker, Jenny Bourne, Susan Clarke, Mandy Dunn, Jill Edwards, Britt Gow, Gail Harridine, Jan Liesfield, Anna Madyarova, Kate McCracken-Bell, Francesca McNamara, Margaret Meadows, Sharon Merrett, Karen Neal, Gaye Nieuwenhof, Gary Shinfield, Trudy Tandberg, May Ward, Diana Wiseman, Mercedes Wolfenden

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