Dobrilla, Elizabeth



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Master of fine arts in printmaking. Specialising in photo etching, etching and linocuts. More recently working in digital collage. Worked as a sessional lecturer in printmaking at Monash University and conducted workshops in etching at RMIT University Acrive career mentor in fine arts at RMIT for the past four years, working with students in various Fine art areas: drawing, painting, photography and mixed media. Exhibited nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. Last solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.


Printmaking and working in printmedia has been – and continues to be – an important facilitator and integral player in my art career. My passion and inspiration for photography and drawing is often combined, manipulated and blurred in the techniques and processes of- etching, photo etching, lino-cut and digital collage. A photograph or an image is a starting block to a long process of techniques, unforeseen mishaps, unexpected challenges, marks made and surprising outcomes of a final print. It is these very processes and unexpected outcomes that drive and ultimately make a unique print. Drawing on a soft ground covered copper plate carries a sense of control, and then trepidation as the plate enters the acid and some control is lost, the waiting begins and the magic or mishap takes over. The depth of line the over bitten areas all become part of a greater picture and add to the unique state. Every mark made is a product of its maker and the process it has seen. There are marks in my etchings that are forgotten – a glove mark , a scratch or dint made on a plate becomes permanently etched – and adds to the overall outcome.It is indeed the challenges of making a plate – following a process, working with the back and forth of plate, the ink, the paper and the print that keeps the magic and wonder of making a print a fascinating experience.