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Rochelle Summerfield – Being Ultra Light

$180.00 inc GST
Digital print
Edition of 40
Image size: 37 x 44.5
Paper size: 42 x 50.5 cm
PCA Print Commission 2009

I use grotesque expression to explore ideas about the body, memory and subjectivity, together with collage and humour as a means to imagine things differently. Collage combines familiar and disparate elements, and old and new print technologies, into new and often extraordinarily divergent forms.

Rochelle Summerfield – Her Feathers Unfurl

$330.00 inc GST
Five-colour screenprint with collage
Image size: 54 x 38 cm
Paper size: 76 x 57.5 cm
Printed with Malcolm King at Kingstudio.
PCA Print Commission 2016

Through collage and hand-drawn imagery, Her Feathers Unfurl is an exploration of transformation. The sassy heroine is wistful, perhaps constrained by the responsibilities of urban life. She looks through the inviting sunlit window and finds the room is malleable, nature is inside and her potential is realised.