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Ilme Simmul – Vogues

$330.00 inc GST
Edition of 55
Image size: 62 x 42.5 cm
Paper size: 77 x 50 cm
PCA Print Commission 1991

Ilme Simmul’s prints are predominantly allegorical, the object determining the narrative, the focus being her observation of urban life. Her expressionist oeuvre selects objects that surround her everyday existence, rendering them as details of human nature, more often a portrait of the materialistic hypocrisy seen within our society.
As is seen in the print Vogues, Simmul accentuates the pathos of the modern world by using the image of the nightclub or cafe society, not dissimilar to Georg Grosz’s post-war German social satire. Materialistic hedonism is juxtaposed against the image of the corpse of an innocent animal, a metaphor for the universal victims of cruelty and injustice and a reference to the broader malaise that appears within our social parameters.

Lynne Boyd – Falling Dusk

$280.00 inc GST
Edition of 55
Image size: 15 x 11cm
Paper size: 76 x 56 cm
PCA Print Commission 1991

A strong existential thread weaves its way through the romantic seascapes and landscapes of Lynne Boyd’s work. Hers is a world of distance and passive vistas, strongly romantic in its peaceful allure. Her print Falling Dusk deals with the simplification or abstraction of the environment and atmosphere to a colour bar code. The subtle inclusion of text accentuates the poetic nature of her work, and also assumes the presence of a border device. In her work, Boyd gently coerces us to acknowledge the ongoing transition in which we exist.