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Kate Zizys – Panspermia Revolution

$300.00 inc GST
Type C photographic print
Edition of 30
Image size: 46 x 76 cm
Paper size: 46 x 76 cm
PCA Print Commission 2019

‘Panspermia Revolution’ is about three things:
1) The panspermia theory which describes life on earth being seeded from bacteria or molecular agents present in asteroids which collided with the earth to catalyse living organisms.
2) The contemporary mythology of The Ancient Astronaut which claims an Alien race visited during the Neanderthal period and genetically engineered humans using early man as a template.
3) The divinity of bees, who surely came from a cosmic creation miracle and are tiny Goddesses themselves, those makers of honey and waxen comb.

Kate Zizys – The Policy of Blood and Iron, A Commonwealth Directive

$200.00 inc GST
Edition of 30
Image size: 32 x 24.5 cm
Paper size: 57 x 38 cm
Printed by the artist
PCA Print Commission 2010

A Blood and Iron policy refers to any foreign policy that uses war tactics as its instrument. It remains the preferred policy of all expansionist Western nations. Whenever a contemporary nation votes and whatever party is voted for, an active policy of Blood and Iron is maintained. History is contemporary: give us new ideas; the old policies are brutal and crude.