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Jonas Ropponen – Full, Empty

$350.00 inc GST
Edition of 30
Image size: 65.5. cm
Paper size: 73 x 52.5 cm
PCA Print Commission 2019

‘Full, Empty’ is a contemplation of paradox. On one hand it plays with a familiar cliché of ‘glass half full/half empty’ but is also arises from the making process of relief printmaking in which matter is removed from a block to form an image. In a relief print the white areas are removed from a mirror image of the end result, unlike common drawing practice in which darker pigments are usually applied to white paper. In the image I centred a symmetrical form, and looking closer at the dandelions there is a mirroring of forms on the left and right of the image. These flowers and seedbeds are in their own process of ‘filling and emptying’ as is the cup with its contents in suspension. The cup references the Ace of Cups from the Tarot.

Jonas Ropponen – Two Toads Together and Toadstools

$330.00 inc GST
Linocut with watercolour hand-colouring
Edition of 40
Image size: 25 x 65 cm
Paper size: 28 x 76 cm
PCA Print Commission 2007

Bufotenin, a toxin excreted by the cane toad, induces mild hallucinations and is listed by Australian drug laws as a class one drug along with heroin and cocaine. Illness and death however, are likely to be the effects of ingesting the excretions from the toad’s glands, due to the high concentration of other toxins in these, Poisonous fungi are often called toadstools although the difference between mushrooms and toadstools has never been precisely defined.