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Poster, Imprint – Autumn 2016 issue

$15.00 inc GST
Teelah George,
Lessons from Craigslist Mirrors #2, 2016
offset lithograph, 29.7 x 42cm.
Image commissioned for the cover of Imprint Autumn, Vol. 51 No. 1, and produced as an unsigned and unnumbered edition of 100 posters. (Artwork Photograph Tony Nathan)


Artist Statement: Lessons from Craigslist Mirrors #2 employs an object made from the peripheral residue of other processes as a way to suggest the many layers and unseen narratives of image making. The intimacy suggested by the stitched object is expanded through the printing processes of magazine production in a way that enables it to be at once big and small. Original agency of the textile is retained yet morphed, as it picks up other connotations from its new manifestation.


Poster, Imprint – Winter 2016 issue

$15.00 inc GST
Minna Gilligan,
You’re lovely, but it’s not for sure, 2016
acrylic and collage on found image, 18 x 18 cm. Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer Gallery.
Image commissioned for the cover of the Imprint winter 2016 issue, and produced as an unsigned and unnumbered edition of 100 A3 posters.


Artist Statement: This work is partner to another collage I made form my recent exhibition at Daine Singer Gallery Let Love Shine. The collage featured the same blonde midel, whose image I came across in a 1970s book on exercising, yoga and stretching. I found her nonplussed and slightly sarcastic expression compelling, and sought to use her as a protagonist in two of my collage works. In this work, her mirrored image increases my personally favoured psychedelic, eerie and somewhat sinister atmosphere. The images of both the women and chairs are actually two separate, very subtly different images, and I enjoy the playful nature of which the viewer’s eyes go between each, trying to pinpoint the similarities and differences. The background of the piece was painted over an image from a 1970s indoor gardening book. The leafy palm of the background, now rendered unrecognisable, provided a fluid guide for which my rainbows both followed and contradicted. Overall I like to think of this work as playfully peculiar, a narrative with no structure, as a realm for these blonde, wiry characters to exists without consequence.