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Imprint Magazine Volume 52 No.1

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Creative spaces I: What lies beneath Jan Hogan

Creative spaces II: Digging deep Wendy McGrath

Insight: Across the seas Jenny Sanzaru-Nishimura

Ex libris: Own your own Mark Ferson

On process: Imagined cities from here to Timbuktu Elizabeth Cross


Alex Lundy Andrew Stephens

In Conversation: Rebecca Mayo under the gaze of an ancient tree Andrew Stephens

Ruth Faerber Sasha Grishin

Colin Holden Lisa Sullivan


The Sell: Australian Advertising 1790s to 1990s Peter Haynes


(Cover image: Rebecca Mayo, Porous Borders, Impermeable Boundaries (detail), 2017, hemp, wool, natural dyes, sand, 130 x 360 x 38 cm. Photo: Matthew Stanton.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 52 No.2

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Tech Talk: Tales of the unexpected Jim Pavlidis

Insight: We need to talk about how we talk about print Pia Larsen

On process: Upending perceptions Ben Rak

Collaboration: Journey into the art of healing Basil Hall

Residency: Common ground Big Fag Press

Commission: Printing a legacy Hannah Hutchison

Ecology: Into the forest Kasia Fabijanska


Chainsaws and bathrobes Andrew Stephens

Bruno Leti and the rhythm of connection Thomas Middlemost

Legacy: Robert Rooney’s illusory simplicity Elspeth Pitt

Emergent – Light, sound, print: Kate Bohunnis Andrew Stephens


(Cover image: Jim Dine, The kindergarten robes (detail), colour woodcut, 152 x 190 cm, edition 55/75. National Gallery of Victoria collection. Gift of the artist, 2016.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 52 No.3

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Note to self Andrew Stephens

Insight: The great breath of the spirit Emma Busowsky Cox

Research: Opportune encounters Elspeth Pitt

Legacy: Dear Gilbert Jacqueline Gribbin

Project: On the map Perdita Phillips

Ecology: From the rivers to the shore Celia Walker

Ecology: World travellers Megan McPherson

Histories: Voyages and fictions Christobel Kelly


Rebecca Jensen Logan Ramsay

Underneath the arches: Angela Cavalieri

Desperate measures: Belinda Fox

Legend: The manga man who carved the waves Andrew Stephens


(Cover image: Paula Gabriela do Prado, detail from altered copy of Paul Gauguin’s Noa Noa, in German, printed in 1961 and published by R. Piper & Co Verlag, Munich. Collage, fabric applique and hand painted text.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 52 No.4

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Insight: Hell hunt and the slippery she-wolf Jazmina Cininas

Histories: Elemental Will Stubbs

Paper-made: Slow looking Marguerite Brown

Project: Mungo healing Donata Carrazza

ursula hoff essay 2017

Conversations through time Simon Gregg


Emergent: Blair Coffey

Studio: Millan Pintos-Lopez

On process: Ros Atkins Logan Ramsay

One work: Annika Romeyn Caren Florance

Collaboration: Elisabeth Cummings Michael Kempson


(Cover image: Banduk Marika, Miny’tjinharra (detail), 2006, screenprint, 69 x 46 cm. Reproduced with permission of the artist / Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 53 No.1

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Research: Rick Amor catalogue raisonne Andrew Stephens

On Process: Mokuhanga Jacqueline F. Gribbin

Postcard: Printmaking in paradise Basil Hall

Studio: Sunshine Editions Des Cowley

Letterpress: The Wimble legacy Donata Carrazza

Papermade: Bookplates Caren Florance


One work: Glenda Orr Sally Groom

Survey: Franck Gohier Wendy Garden

Collection: Otto Dix Hannah Hutchison

Emergent: Eunju Cho Andrew Stephens


(Cover image: Jon Campbell, Blah Blah Blah, 2017, lithograph, 28 x 38 cm, edition of 10. Printer: Adrian Kellett, Sunshine Editions.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 53 No.2

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Workshop: Printing up Country Theo Tremblay

Postcard: Brooklyn to Fiji Peter Lancaster

Papermade: Beyond the city limits Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper

Residency: Colby Country Wendy Murray

Safety: Trusting the process John Graham

Activism: It’s all political Susan Tallman

Exchange: Flames and flood Donal Sheil

Tech talk: Paper plate lithography Millan Pintos-Lopez


Emergent: Ben Stephens Andrew Stephens

Benjamin Armstrong Andrew Stephens

Tate Adams Frances Thomson


(Cover image: Wendy Murray behind a Colby Poster Printing Company archive print at The International Printing Museum, Carson, CA. Photography: Louise Hyatt)

Imprint Magazine Volume 53 No.3

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Intimacy of strangers Melinda Rackham

The fragility of the urban forest Celia Walker

Senses and separation Sally Groom

Ben Quilty: printing Andrew Stephens

The aberrant artist book Ella Morrison

Encounter with people Michael Kempson

Picturing the island Marian Crawford

Printmaking in the expanded field Rebecca Mayo


G W Bot Donata Carrazza


(Cover image: Toni Hartil, Moth Plant, 2018, linocut, 57 x 45 cm. Reproduced with permission of the artist.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 53 No.4

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Registering print’s past Kirtika Kain

Telling stories through art Paul Uhlmann

Universal journey Andrew Stephens

Boundary control Carolyn Craig

A meeting of minds Denise Salvestro

ursula hoff essay 2018

Printmaking in the age of digital reproduction Jamie Derkenne


Emergent: Taku (Takuro Yokoo)

Dianne Fogwell: A printer’s disposition Phil Day

Martin King: Where the wildlife falls Nicolas Rivet

Anita Angel: Obituary Chips Mackinolty


(Cover image: Martin King, black thursday diaries II, 2018, etching, egg tempera, soot, wax, hard cover book, ribbon)

Imprint Magazine Volume 54 No.1

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Bringing the world to its senses Monika Lukowska and Sarah Robinson

Close encounters Clare Humphries

Myth world Sally Groom

Navigating paradise Andrew Stephens

Talking in print Rebecca Beardmore

Out of the Matrix Richard Harding

Resistance is not futile Paul Uhlmann

Dawn ’til dusk Damon Kowarsky


Emergent: Matthew Newkirk

Olga Sankey: On the scent of language Christobel Kelly

The Ken Tyler legacy Sasha Grishin


(Cover image: Michael Tuffery, Tupaia and Solander Potaka Ta at Opoutama, 27 October 1769, 2019, hand-coloured woodcit, 50 x 35 cm. From the exhibition Paradise Lost: Daniel Solander’s Legacy, Solander Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 54 No.2

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Muse Morocco Dianne Fogwell

Close encounters Clare Humphries

Going the distance Kate Gorringe-Smith

Under the olive tree Monika Lukowska

Making tracks Tessa Beale

Wild things Sue Forster


Emergent: Millie Mitchell

Hertha Kluge-Pott Donata Carrazza

Milan Milojevic Lucy Hawthorne

David Bosun Nicolas Rivet


(Cover image: Milan Milojevic, Portrait with Flowers (after W.B. Gould), 2018, digital print with screenprint, 65 x 53 cm, edition of 10. Courtesy of the artist.)

Imprint Magazine Volume 54 No.3

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Eyes on the prizes Nicolas Rivet

Tech talk Roslyn Kean

In the Print Room Andrew Stephens

Law of the land Will Stubbs

Pulping spaces Melissa Harvey

The new stone age Danielle Creenaune

A woman’s work Pia Larsen


Emergent: Rosemary Lee

Claire Primrose Peter Haynes

Oleg Mikhailov Damon Kowarsky


(Cover image: Cyril E. Power, The Tube Train, c.1934, colour linocut from four blocks, 35.2 38.6 cm. Courtesy National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Purchased 1990)