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The PCA is moving!

Please be patient if you are unable to reach the PCA by phone or email during the first week of February. We are currently moving from North Melbourne to a bigger office in Fitzroy Town Hall. Your mail will be forwarded to the new address and, hopefully, normal communications will be resumed shortly.

Our new street address is: Office G21, Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.

Our new telephone number is: 03 9416 0150 or fax: 03 9416 0151.

Our email addresses remain the same.

Exciting Month of Print Exhibition at 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy

One of the many wonderful exhibitions held during the Month of Print was held at 69 Smith Street.
Entltled Impact of/in Nature, curated by Anne Bennett.

1 ImpactONatureWindow 2.jpg
2 ImpactONature front gallery 2.jpg
4 ImpactONature KH & JH rear 2.jpg

Premier attends Month of Print Exhibition in Warrnambool

Member Jimmy Pasakos held an exhibition of his works at Warrnambool Regional Gallery during the Month of Print and was delighted that the Premier of Victoria was in attendance - he even purchased a print!!! Nice one Jimmy!!!

Copy of Art Minister 19 Sep 2.jpg
Premier Ted Baillieu, minister for Warrnambool Denis Napthine, Mayor Jacinta Ermacora and John Cunningham director of Warrnambool Art Gallery

IMG_5969 3.JPG
During the opening

IMG_5943 3.JPG
Jimmy Pasakos and Leanne Mardi

IMG_5980 3.JPG
Jimmy with Annie Drum on the left and on the right, Doctor Carole Wilson from the University of Ballarat Arts Academy

Month of Print fun in Wodonga

Today's pictures are from Creators Artspace up in Wodonga who had Barak Zelig come up from Canberra and run a 2 day masterclass in Solar Etching.

Solar etching

Solar etching
Caryn Giblin from Creators Artspace said the workshop was really terrific. Looks it!

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Three Rocks by Rita Hall

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