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The Print Council of Australia is a national organisation dedicated to Australian printmaking. Services we provide to the community include:

  • Support and advocacy for Australian contemporary artists and in particular emerging artists.
  • Organisation and management of a Print Subscription Program with prints available for purchase by mail order.
  • Opportunities for artists and information on awards, scholarships and residencies.
  • The conservation of the history of Australian contemporary printmaking through the PCA’s print archive which includes all the prints commissioned by the Print Council since it was established in 1966 and currently totals over 300 prints.
  • IMPRINT magazine, with an estimated readership of 3500 per issue.
  • Membership services to over 1300 subscribers including schools, libraries, public art museums, art galleries, tertiary institutes as well as individual artists and print enthusiasts locally and internationally.

2013 Commissioned Prints

Parts of Fortune by Janet Dawson

Limited edition commissioned prints can be purchased from our collection.

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Back issues of IMPRINT Magazine are available for purchase.

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Latest news

Member prints from March ... keep them coming!

It's April already and I've been a bit behind in getting new member prints up on the website ... but here are some of the great prints we've received over the last month or so. Hope you enjoy them and members, keep sending your work in so we can get it out there into the world! [read more]
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