Wendy Anne Sharpe – A Moveable Feast for an Anxious Spring

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Wendy Anne Sharp
A Moveable Feast for an Anxious Spring
Collagraph prints using a variety of printmaking techniques collaged onto handmade paper. Made at a Gail Stiffe workshop.
Unique State
Size: 16.2 (L)  x 11.2m (W) cm
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An illustrated volume of collagraph prints collaged onto hand-made paper inviting the viewer to bring their own story to the page. My story: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and underwent five years of rigorous treatment, the effects of which are still having an impact. Some images represent the cancer while the landscape images offer the opportunity to “take flight” away from the fear of COVID-19. Throughout, “full-stops”and “exclamation marks” are used.