Victoria Bilogan – Lost Horizons: The Timeline

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Victoria Bilogan
Lost Horizons: The Timeline, 2020
Intaglio and  hand stitching
Size: closed – 31.5 x 6 x 5 cm.  open – 30 x 200 cm

My artist’s book is a work composed on player piano scrolls and material I had at hand during the COVID-19 lockdown, reflecting the resilience when you have to work with what you have and find beauty in what is in front of you, not beyond the illusory horizon. We all experienced the lockdown individually. Poems were made on my long isolated walks as a visual diary of my experience. As events unfolded so did my visual narrative. Every day I was making a mark on the scroll encapsulating all the challenges, fears, anxieties and conflicts of the time.

Winner of the Firestation Print Studio Artist Book Award – Grand Prize 2020


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