Trevor Youdale – Prevost

$400.00 inc GST

Trevor Youdale
ink, thread, document tape, paper (Tomoe River, Moleskine)
Size: 21.5 (H) x 14 (W) x 0.5 cm (D) cm
Unique State


I am all alone on the island… I am making a raft of driftwood.”In 1928-29 Ian Fairweather lived on Prevost Island, a small gulf island in western Canada. Alone, unhappy having no boat, he spent much of his time beachcombing. ‘Prevost’ celebrates Fairweather’s peripatetic life of islands, letters, sun, sea, and escape rafts. Moleskine and Japanese papers, which are synonymous with letter writing, are folded, crumpled, flattened, inked with island driftwood, and burnished with beach stones. They bear waves, passages from Fair weather’s Prevost island letter, a red sun, and a raft from his 1957 painting Lit Bateau.