Sue Poggioli – The Space Between II

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Sue Poggioli
The Space Between II
Archival papers, dictionary pages, lino prints, intaglio prints, waxed linen thread, grey board, single sheet Coptic binding
Unique State
Size: 25 (L) x 25 (W) cm

Today I come into the forest and as I enter, suburban sounds diminish, other sounds grow. I have my supplies, to eat and to draw. I am inside the forest. Always I am amazed at the vast size of the larger trees, at the beauty and seeming fragility of many things here. I am cocooned in sound, birds, mostly unseen.I give my attention to the trees and I am in awe of the protective cloak it throws around the creatures who live here, who visit. I am also enveloped in that protective cloak and emerge from the forest nourished.