Silvi Glattauer – Through the Window Morocco

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Silvi Glattauer
Through the Window Morocco, 2018
Concertina book pigment Inkjet printed. Photogravure print on front cover. Housed in satchel casing.
Edition 2 of 3
Size: closed – 17 (w) x 19 (h) cm; open – 203 (w) x 19 (h) cm

Uninhibited snap shots from a bus window are carefully re-considered and arranged in a systematic sequence to reflect the experience of an objective outside traveller that is discovering and questioning how women live in an Islamic society.

The flowing traditional fabrics of the Moroccan niqab juxtaposes with the shapes and forms of the mountains. These echoing arrangements revealed themselves again and again throughout the journey. The dignity of these mountains ranges resonated with the poise and pride of Moroccan women.

This artist book has been constructed as a travel journal. The materiality emphasises the importance of the print as a precious object