Sandra Williams – Whispering Trees

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Sandra Williams
Whispering Trees
Unique book in a concertina style with book spreads of black card and Gautami typeface.
Size:14 (L) X 13.5 (W) X 1.5 (D) cm
Unique State

Inspired Margaret Atwood’s poem, my book is an homage to trees. Trees clean the air, slow water runoff, prevent soil erosion and cool our homes. More significantly, trees are wondrous.They do so much for us, however deforestation and illegal logging continue. The environment is running a poor second to profit.


‘The Moment‘ (last 6lines)

No, they whisper.

You own nothing.You were a visitor time after time

climbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming.

We never belonged to you.You never found us.

It was always the other way round.


-Margeret Atwood

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