Nathalie Hartog-Gautier – Fire at Ross’s Farm

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Nathalie Hartog-Gautier
Fire At Ross’s Farm, 2021
Natural Eucalyptus pigment, relief print with gilding tools and hand made raw paper by the artist.
Book binding: Barbara Schmelzer
Unique State
Size: closed – 23 x 25 x 1 cm

The extract from Henry Lawson’s poem is in response to the bush fire in 2019-20 and the proximity of my studio to a national park. The lines, drawn with eucalyptus natural pigment, act as a reminder of the speed of the “fire sweeping along for miles” and “hissing like angry snakes”[1]. They take the viewers from page to page, to the last one when the farmer cried “We cannot save it (the crop) now”.

[1]Extract of Henry Lawson poem.