Monika Lukowska – Walking Home

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Monica Lukowska
Walking Home
Lithography, digital print, letter press on Awagami Ibne
Edition: unique
Size: 32 x 23 x 2.5cm

The imagery of this print originates from my memories of my hometown Katowice – an industrial and coal mining city located in the southern part of Poland, often blanketed by a thick haze of pollution. These elements create a specific atmosphere of my hometown, which after many years of living away from home I still vividly remember. In this work I aimed to convey the remembered atmosphere. The textures of lithographic tusche and the viscosity of the ink, resonate with some of the qualities of my hometown; the dense reticulations of lithographic reflect the haze slowly enveloping the city, while the texture of the crayon alludes to the soot ingrained in the coarse building’s facades. Through this work I intend to question how sense of place its atmosphere and materiality can be embedded within the printed surface.