Michelle Hallinan – Earthspace

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Michelle Hallinan
Earthspace 2020
(co-researcher and leather work- Megan Watson)
Intaglio, embossing on Hahnemuehle paper, Kozo paper, leather pouch
Edition: 2 + A/P
Size: Opened –  52 (L), 13-15 cm (W), 0.5-0.9 (H)cm; Closed – 15 x 15 x 15 x 2.5 cm (Triangular shape)

This work looks at the relationship of the earth to the sky and how we, as humans, interact with and interpret that relationship. Earthspaceevolved during an artist residency in Namadgi National Park through Craft ACT exploring the earth and celestial scapes- terre celestial.  Tracking and mapping journeys through the landscape, it explores traditional wayfinding and journeys and references: moss, tree stumps, barbed wire, contour lines, roads, jet streams, light drawings and the Milky Way.  The book unfolds like a map or journey to reveal embossed lines on one side referencing topography, tracks, impressions and space. The same lines are etched on the alternate side creating an overall sense of light and dark.