Mei Sheong WONG – A Farewell to Living

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Mei Sheong WONG
A Farewell to Living
Intaglio, relief, letterpress, screen print on archival paper (concertina book)
Size: 20 (H) 21 (W) 4 (D) cm
Unique State


This artist book commemorates my deceased father. Born in 1929, he grew up in British Singapore, occupied by the Japanese military, 1942-45. After WW2, he completed school and studied Medicine. My parents married, then lived in London and Edinburgh, during his post-graduate studies.He qualified as a physician and psychiatrist, before they returned to Singapore. Totally committed to his profession, he was disappointed that I did not follow in his footsteps. Nonetheless, he supported all my creative endeavours. Making this artist book was a therapeutic journey:Living and dying-like a book-have a beginning and an end.