Megan Fisher – Illuminated book of Nature – Mini

$350.00 inc GST

Megan Fisher
Illuminated book of Nature – Mini
Paper, 22ct gold leaf, watercolour, gold thread, impressions from the footpath
Unique state
Size: Closed – 8cm (length) x 8cm (height) x 3cm (width) Open – 51cm (length) x 24 (wide)

We spend much of our lives inside, not unlike the world found in The Machine Stops. Last year the machines didn’t stop but our lives did and that time of slowing down and quiet gave many the freedom to go and be a part of something that was absent for some time, nature. This little book reminds us that even little leaves, footprints and stones can provide wonder. The impressions found inside were pulled from depressions left by nature in the cement of local footpaths, little reminders that it is always waiting for us to come, see and behold.