Loisel F – Urban, Aligned, Vintage Nature

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Loisel F
Urban, Aligned, Vintage Nature
Edition: 1/10
Size: 20 (W) 20 (L) cm

Loisel is an emerging artist focused on photography, mixed media and printmaking with Photopolymer and relief as her printmaking turn to’s. Her style is all about the audience seeing what they want to see rather than interpreting for them. We all take on various perspectives in life and art so you can make it want you want it to be. Bookmaking is a new challenge and this piece has been created for the owner to make it their own diary to record lists or memories, or just journal throughout the art. It was inspired by “its all about the colour”. A motto dreamt up at a bus stop on a dreary day. It allowed me to keep my day colourful despite the dreary moments around or any lockdown environment I enter. Love my colour! Hopefully this will bring colour to another!