Lenore Bassan – Mangrove redux

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Lenore Bassan
Mangrove Redux
Woodblock prints bound in concertina book format
Edition of 2
Size (closed): 17.5 x 13.5 x 1cm

The mangroves quietly nurture and sustain life. The thick mud providing a sanctuary and nursery for plants and animals, the mangroves filtering the pollutants. The Cooks River mangroves survive despite our destructive human activity.  The river continues its tidal flow despite the alterations on its way to the sea. I reflect while walking along the river looking for ways of representation through printmaking practices. This book is part of a series based on the river, printed from 8 woodblocks, water based ink using a hand baren. The repetition of the image invoking the river in its ceaseless ability to adapt.

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