Katie Glaskin – Scent of a Falling Dark

$610.00 inc GST

Katie Glaskin
Scent of a Falling Dark, 2021
Linocut prints (cut down from original linocut prints, on Arches 300gsm paper) bound into accordion book
Unique state
Size: 24(h) x 27 (w) x 1.5 (d)cm

Scent of a Falling Dark is an artist book assembled from nine cut-down prints from a (2018) exhibition of the same name, drawing on images of the thylacine to explore ideas of loss, endangerment, and extinction. The prints have been assembled into a narrative that creates its own story about extinction(s), with the titles of the cut-down linoprints being: The Fallen Dark (inside and back covers); Apparition; Disappearing Horizons; These Days (Intimations); Scent of a Falling Dark; And the End of the World (After Murakami); Checkmate; Butterfly Effect; For the Term of Her Natural Life.