Katherine Marmaras – Embracing The Lace…

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Katherine Marmaras
Embracing the Lace…
Repurposed booklet, ink pen & collage
Edition: unique
Size: 13 x 11 x 1cm ; 13 x 34 x 20cm (open and standing)

Katherine draws upon her heritage of lace-makers and weavers to create lace-like patterns through repetition and the meditative act of mark-making.  She pays homage to these past generations, like a stitch in time, through each mark created. 

Instinctively and intuitively encircling each figure, Katherine creates a play between the formed patterns and the figure’s pose. Drawing our attention to their ‘plain’ clothes, through the surrounding patterns, and emphasising their bold stance by hiding their individuality through embellishment inviting you to take a closer look.