Jean Burke – Feisty fragile ferns

$330.00 inc GST

Jean Burke
Feisty fragile ferns
Paper folios with cardboard and ferns
Dimensions: 19.5 x 15.7 x 1.2 cms

This Coptic-stitched book is a praise to ferns, in prints and poetry, melding myth and scientific facts. The book functions as a sampler of printmaking methods, including collagraph, monoprints, embossing, chine collé, a la poupée, frottage and cyanotype as well as collage. The book recycles printmaking materials that were created incidentally: a collagraph plate using dried fern fronds for the covers, and a rubbing on telephone book paper during the intaglio process as one page. This book of ferns ends with the words “I am many, every moist where. I am fern”.