Jane Giblin – The first collection

$1,400.00 inc GST

Jane Giblin
The First Collection
 Lithographic prints, ink and water colour drawings and archival digital prints, 
on unicartridge backing, encased in board, book cloth and pigskin. 
All images are sourced from The Sarah Mitchell Scrapbook 
Courtesy of the Utas Special and Rare Collections, The Royal Society of Tasmania RS/89
Size: 27 x 27 x 3.5cm 

Catherine Penwarne Ball was a prolific 19th century Tasmanian documentary illustrator, and her fragile drawings are archived within a large, equally fragile scrapbook compiled by her sister, Sarah Elizabeth Emma Mitchell. The scrapbook was donated to the Royal Society of Tasmania in the 1940s. During investigations into depictions of my ancestors, who were close friends of the Mitchell family, I felt greater interest in Penwarne Ball’s beautiful drawings. This collection forms my very initial responses, commenced a year ago, to her work, and includes copies of the originals in the interior panels.