Glenda Orr – Measured Distancing O&X Games

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Glenda Orr
Measured Distancing O&X Games
Digital prints on acid free paper (title page plus 14 pages unfolding to seven O&X games of 3 x 3 pages), folded and glued format, tape measure pieces
Dimensions: 22.5 (h) x 22.5 (w) x 3 (d) cm
Edition: 1/10

During COVID, I documented social distancing motifs, physical manifestations of 1.5 metre rule, I was standing on.  

Ironically, before 2020, O and X signified a hug and kiss, symbols of physical closeness, now they’re inverted to effect physical distancing. Standing apart now helps protect those we love. 

A signifier of O and X is Noughts and Crosses, a game of strategy where the players’ early decision-making skills are significant in determining the outcome. The game often depends on the first moves and frequently ends with no winners, an apt metaphor for  COVID management experiments. 

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