Darren Bryant – Fold (Vol.2)

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Darren Bryant
Fold (Vol.2), 2020
Unique bookwork with screen printed paper folds in a clamshell box
Unique state, Box Binding: Joanna Kambourian
Size: W 18.4 x H24 x D 6.8cm

‘Fold, Vol.2′ (2020) is an artist book associated with haptic printed overlays and stacked paper folds. This work examines personal collections of vintage printed ephemera (in this case, old childrens’ encyclopedias). Presented in clamshell box this work holds outcomes in the interplay between identity, memory and nostalgia. Heavily influenced by Fluxus assemblages and ‘Duchamp-inspired’ recombination of everyday objects, this bookwork combines screenprinting and paper folding to reconfigure content to create multiple dichotomies of meaning.