Christine Courcier-Jones – Tea and Oranges VE 3/3

$500.00 inc GST

Christine Courcier-Jones
Tea & Oranges VE 3/3
Hand coloured collagraph on hannemuhle paper
Unique state
Size: 22 (H) x 27 (W) x 60cm (D)

A line from Leonard Cohen’s song “Suzanne” inspires “Tea and Oranges”. Like Cohen’s song my book reflects on romance.

“Tea and Oranges” is a three-dimensional still life of the cosy ritual of tea and toast. It comprises four hand-coloured collagraphs in a concertina format.

The last picture is a variation on the popular domestic willow pattern plate which depicts ill-fated lovers transformed into birds eternally soaring over an oriental garden. My plate replaces chinoiserie with images from Waverley Cemetery.

“Tea and Oranges” is a contemporary comment on love and mortality.