Carolyn Pettigrew- The Ancient City of Palmyra, Syria

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Carolyn Pettigrew
The Ancient City of Palmyra, Syr
Medium: A portfolio of 7 handmade Van Dyke Brown prints and small booklet
Unique state
Size 22cm x 29cm x 1cm

In 2007 I visited the ancient city of Palmyra and like many travellers I was overwhelmed by the extent of the site and entranced by the magnificence of the empire it once represented, especially the history of Palmyrene “Queen” Zenobia. Later I looked further into the history of the city, and I was struck by what an important part European investigations over time had played in influencing architectural thought and practice, particularly in 18th century England. In 2016-17 significant parts of the city were destroyed by ISIS. Fortunately, Syrian Government agencies and others are attempting to reconstruct some of the important structures with the aid of modern computer techniques as a guide.