Belinda Kopietz – Passionfruit and Thyme

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Belinda Kopietz
Passionfruit and Thyme, 2020
Pamphlet stitch / two signatures / monotype, linocut / stencil / collage / various papers including Somerset, Iwaki, Tengucho, Mingeshi, Tyvek and Glacine
Unique state
Size: 19 (h) x 16.5 (w) x 2.5 (d) cm

Titled on the spine, a noxious weed and an essential culinary herb, this wordless book contains visual thoughts from the natural environment. The playful process of monotype pre-empted combinations of hand cut stencils, linocuts and ghost printing. The intention was to experiment, as if putting on new glasses to view with a fresh and more sensitive perspective. It explores physical adjacencies, contrast, positive and negative, hard and soft edge, rhythm and abrupt alteration, simplicity and complexity. The quality of paper-types and ink, of fold-outs and transparencies, are attempts at providing different experiences as each page is visited.