Andrea Num Glover – Energy Fields

$700.00 inc GST

Andrea Num Glover
Energy Fields, 2021
Magnani Pescia 100% cotton paper, 300gm, with five digitally printed images and one text page, red silk thread,
Edition of 5
Size: 26 (h), 27 (w), 2 (d) cm

Energy Fields alludes to the ever-changing plasticity of our planet in relation to the cosmos. From a molten core to a play-dough surface, and way beyond! Energy Fields hangs by a red silk thread vertically, symbolizing a human connection. The format for Energy Fields purposely places the images horizontally. Overlaid with an Indian wire toy, the horizontal image is turned, making a down, up, down, up, up sequence. This visually traces the vertical hanging format and also, mimics the imperceivable air movement in an unpressurised vehicle. This gives rise to the idea of simultaneously viewing earth and space.