Original versus reproduction

Stuart Purves has written a great article about why definitions matter in printmaking. The article appeared in IMPRINT Magazine Volume 41 Number 1, which you can purchase from the IMPRINT page.

Australia is incredibly rich in high quality print workshops and remarkably good master printmakers. Australia is also incredibly rich in artists who are brilliant printmakers. Strangely though, printmaking as an original form of art is still a largely misunderstood medium. I wish I could take away the word ‘print’ — it is too much associated with calendar top
reproductions, it is too generic. Instead I favour substituting the specific term for the artist’s chosen print medium, be it ‘etching’, ‘aquatint’, ‘drypoint’, ‘silkscreen’ or ‘lithography’. Using these terms would serve as the equivalent of ‘oil on canvas’, ‘acrylic on board’ or ‘watercolour on paper’ — terms generally used and very well understood.

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